Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023: Biography, Daughter, Age, and Hidden Facts

Crunchy Black is a well-known American hypeman and rapper. Crunchy Black Net worth is near about $8 million and according to local8now Crunchy black net worth is $6 million so his estimated worth is between $6-$8 million. He is also a well-known singer. He is famous for his stage name, Crunchy Black, but his real name is Darnell Carlton. Crunchy Black also remained a longtime member of the group, the Oscar-winning hip hop, and the group name was Three 6 Mafia. It was founded in 2006. Later Crunchy left the group of Three 6 Mafia due to monitor disputes.

Crunchy Black was born on August 20, 1974, in Indiana, USA. His hometown is Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Being a member of the Three 6 Mafia group. he sang many songs and gained a lot of fame, and recognition in his career. He achieved all those milestones in his life that many artists and singers dreamed of. There is no information regarding his early life and education. His fame shows that he must have had a passion for rap, and singing throughout his young age. This article will show you all the possible information regarding his life and career.

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Crunchy Black Net Worth

Crunchy Black is a famous American rapper, who earns a lot of money throughout his career. His source of income is rapping. He sang many songs with his company members, which are enough for him to gain plenty of fame. It is estimated from the income source that Crunchy Black Net Worth is approximately 8 million dollars. More info regarding Crunchy Black Net Worth is given below the table.

Crunchy Black Biography

Crunchy came into being on August 20, 1974, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He was named Darnell Carlton. Later he got the nickname Crunchy Black. He is a 48 years old married man. His actual name is Darnell Carlton. Crunchy Black is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 75 kg. He works as a rapper and singer. Crunchy Black Net Worth is eight million dollars. His complete biography is given below:

Birth NameDarnell Carlton
Public or Other NameCrunchy Black
Birthday20 August 1974
BirthplaceIndiana, United States
Age49 years
Birth sign/Zodiac StatusLeo
ProfessionSinger, Rapper
Family TreeMother and Father are not known
Marital StatusMarried
Daughter And Son3 daughter and 2 Sons according to his Interview
Daughter KilledLady Pooh Carlton
Height5′ 10″
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$6-$8 million
ProfessionAustralian Actress
AlbumOn My OwnFrom Me to YouMoney Ain’t Nothing to Play With
Music GroupThree 6 Mafia
SportsMartial Arts, Received Black Belt in Taekwondo

Crunchy Black Early Life

Crunchy Black was born in 1974, in Indiana, USA. Throughout his early life, he was passionate about singing. So, he started his career as a rapper. For this purpose, he joined the rapper group Three 6 Mafia, in 2006. His group won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. He left the group due to some monitory issues with group members. There was another reason for leaving the group was his solo career.

Crunchy Black published his first album, On My Own on September 19, 2006. This album was released without his permission. The same happened with his second album, From Me To You, which was released without his permission. These were released by DJ Paul and Juicy. Later he joined Da Mafia 6ix. Crunchy Black also was shot in the face, and leg in  Las Vegas, in 2012. But he recovered very soon and was released from the hospital in just a few days.

Crunchy Black net worth
Crunchy Black image by Gettingimages

How Old Is Crunchy Black

According to his date of birth, August 20, 1974, he is 49 years old by the year 2023. He looks very fit at this stage of life and still working hard as a rapper.

Crunchy Black Height, and Weight

Crunchy Black is 49 years old, and a well-known celebrity in America. He is near about 5 feet 10 inches long and weighs about 75 kg. These physical features. he looks very fit at an older age. These features fit his personality very well.

Crunchy Black Daughter

Lady Pooh Carlton was the daughter of Crunchy Black. Crunchy Black has never shared information about his wife, and family. But he shared about his daughter, Lady Pooh Carlton, that she was shot dead outside the Memphis Hotel. She was killed by Lamont Murry, who killed her as well as another man. Lady Pooh Carlton was 26 years old at the time of death.

Crunchy Black Shot

In 2012, Crunchy Black was shot in the face, and leg, in Las Vegas. He was submitted to the hospital quickly. Later he recovered from all his injuries very quickly, and now again started his career very well. The killer was arrested and charged.

What’s Wrong with Crunchy Black Teeth

Crunchy Black was shot in the face that’s why he lost his teeth. Later he recovered from wounds and may start using artificial teeth, in place of real ones.

LMG Gangland Crunchy Black

LMG stands for “Love Murdering Gangsters. This gang was at its peak in the 1990s. Perhaps it was the gang who attacked him as well as his daughter. His daughter died at the age of 26 when she was shot by a gang.

Crunchy Black Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Crunchy Black was born on August 20, 1974. He is an American national, who is famous for his rap and solo songs. He faced many troubles in his life as he was shot in the face and leg. His daughter was also shot to death by a killer. Due to his great success, he remained a member of the Oscar-winning group, named Three 6 Mafia, which was founded in 2006.

Crunchy Black Net Worth

Crunchy Black’s Net Worth is very high, which is expected to be $6 to $8 million. It is collected according to his income sources and Google search authentic websites. His sources of income are rapping, and singing professions. His solo songs are famous worldwide, so he earns a handsome amount of money. 

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Amazing Facts

Some amazing facts about the life of Crunchy Black are given below:

  • His date of birth is August 20, 1974
  • He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  • He is an American national
  • One of his daughters, Lady Pooh was shot dead
  • In 2012, Crunchy Black was attacked and shot in the face and leg
  • Crunchy Black Net Worth is near about $6 to $8 million
  • His height is about 5 feet and 10 inches
  • His weight is about seventy-five kilograms
  • The name of his daughter is Lady Pooh Carlton

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Crunchy Black?

He was shot in the face, and leg, by a gang named, LMG. Later he recovered from his injuries.

What happened to Crunchy Black?

He was shot in the face, and leg, by a gang named, LMG. Later he recovered from his injuries.

Where is crunchy black from?

He was born in Indiana, USA. Later shifted to Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

How old is crunchy black?

He was born in 1974, in Indiana, United States of America. He is currently 48 years old.

Who is Crunchy Black’s daughter?

The name of his daughter is Lady Pooh Carlton, who was murdered at the age of 26.

What happened to Crunchy Black’s daughter?

His daughter was shot to death in Memphis Hostel, at the age of 26. Crunchy Black never shared anything about his family, except his daughter, who was killed.

What is Crunchy Black Net Worth?

Crunchy Black Net Worth has collected about 8 million dollars. It is based on his income sources.

How much tall Crunchy Black is?

Crunchy Black is about 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

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